Let’s Go Strapless


The Feeldoe, in all it’s engineered-by-women-for-women glory!

In the interest of sex-positivity and lady-loving-ladies everywhere (or perhaps pegging-loving-fellas?), I want to share the “Strapless Strap-On” with you.  I didn’t even know such things were possible until a month or so ago, after some research and discussions with friends.  So, take my hand, and let’s dip a toe into these strapless waters together.


Look ma, no hands!

Through the power of kegel muscles, the wearer holds onto the “bulb” end of the toy while the receiver has a grand old time.   The cool thing about these is they provide both partners with fun stimulation (especially if you get the vibrating ones) and you can might be able to avoid the whole harness thing.  The downside is that no one’s cervix and vaginal canal are the same, and so the bulbs are not “one-size-fits-all”.  So you may actually still need a harness if the bulb doesn’t quite stay secure.

All that being said, these seem much more fun for the wearer than the traditional strap-on, even those with a vibrating harness.  They have built in g-spot and clitoral stimulation for the giver and the obvious fun bit for the receiver.  And if you’re enjoying solo sexy time, the bulb can be used as a handy grip.  This is probably going to be my next toy purchase, but for the first time I’ll be doing so online because my local sex shop down the street charges just shy of $300 for one.  The two big names in the game seem to be the Feeldoe by Erogenics and the Share by FunFactory.   Personally, I’m going with the Feeldoe Slim.  It has attachable bullet for vibration, the bulb looks comfortable, and Erogenics is women-created and operated.  Maybe once I’ve tried it out, I give you a follow-up review.

P.S.  Please use protection whenever you use toys with another person.  Not only does a condom feel awesome when sliding around on a toy, but it makes for easier clean-up and keeps your lady juices separate from your partner(s)’ juices.  Safe sex is great sex!


Wrap that shit up!