I Love Sex Toys!

I fucking love sex toys!

Toys have always played a role in my sex life. You see, ever since my ‘giney started tingling for the first times as a pre-teen, I was taught that sex was bad.

“Never let a penis near your vagina!”

“Stay pure, don’t touch that. Don’t let anyone touch that!”

Well, I figured they didn’t say anything about penis-SHAPED objects, so off I went and started my 14 year love affair with all things vibrating and penis-shaped.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Ribbed Vibrator


Oh, let me count the ways I love you!

So, that’s five ripples and seven inches, and can be used for vagina OR anal play.

That’s about 14 ways that I love this toy (and toys like it).

I like the ribbed vibrators better because it adds texture to my play-time. The sleek vibrators and dildos don’t really do it for me. With the ribbed, you get to really feel every inch go inside you. I especially like using a toy like this for anal play. For me at least, it feels more secure than anal beads, but you get roughly the same stimulation. Plus, it vibrates in your butthole. Who doesn’t want that??


Of course there’s more than one kind of “ribbed” vibrator.

Sometimes I go for the more subtle kind. I like to use this kind for mostly outer stimulation of the clitoris and labia.

Turning the vibrator on low and slowly running the bumps and texture over my clit or nipples is the best way to get me going. Hell, that can get me to climax all by itself. I suggest giving this bit of toy play a try on yourself or on your lover if you haven’t already.

Toys with jelly sleeves are good, since you can remove the sleeve at will. Then it’s like you have a whole new toy!!

Remote Control Rabbits/Bullets


The remote control is great since it makes “me time” a little easier. But, my favorite thing to do is insert it and give the control to my partner. If you’re the brave kind, you can wear it when you go grocery shopping or when you go to the park, and then your partner can pleasure you at opportune moments. I like to use it in tandem with anal play sometimes. Insert the bullet, and hand the remote to my partner, then turn over and let them play with my ass. Every once in a while, I’ll feel the bullet start to vibrate. Not knowing when it’s going to happen creates a fun sort of tension. Like the kind of anxiety you look forward too. Also, this way it’s easier to stimulate more than one part of the body. Remember, this little buddy can also go in your ass (make sure the string with the second bullet remains outside the body, so there are no embarrassing trips to the emergency room). I’ve most often used this with male partners, but I did have a fun adventure with a girlfriend of mine once. She put it inside me, then I ate her out while she controlled the bullet. Then we swapped. Honestly one of the most fun nights ever.

Don’t forget that this model has TWO bullets. One is a little sleeker than the other, but the string should be long enough to insert it and use the second bullet to stimulate your outer regions.

Really, the scenarios and uses for this little guy are seemingly endless. It can be combined with practically any other toys and sex acts to add surprises into your play time.

Three-pronged Vibrators


So maybe you’re sensing a pattern here with my sex play. I like to multitask. But seriously, this one has a slightly curved head so it reaches the g-spot. One prong for clitoral stimulation, and a third prong to massage, or be inserted into, the asshole. Not to mention, this particular model also comes with a bullet. The bullet is great for multitasking with a partner, but if you ever need that multiple stimulation by yourself, this is where you get it.

I would suggest also getting one that’s waterproof. Shower, tub and pool play is sexy. I used a similar toy at a friend’s house in their hot tub. The combination of double penetration, vibrating and the pulsating jets gave me amazing orgasms. I highly recommend a toy like this for personal and partner play.

Strapless Strap-on


Dori already wrote a piece describing the strapless strap-on here. Really, I can’t believe in all my lady-loving-lady years, that I only just last week used this for the first time. I’d never even used a strap-on before, let alone a strapless strap-on.
I’ve fucked girls before. With my mouth, with my fingers, with my tongue, with dildos, with vibrators, with my own vagina via scissoring and humping. But I’ve never fucked a girl with an extension so like a penis. Scratch that, I’ve never fucked a girl in a way that makes me feel like I actually have a penis. Damn. I think I have penis envy now.

Not only did I get to thrust inside her and give her the kind of pleasure she wanted, but the Feeldoe bulb was perfectly situated to stimulate my own g-spot. I got to look down and see “me” sliding inside her, while rocking myself back and forth on a vibrating bulb. I don’t know what it’s like to fuck a girl with an actual penis, but I’m pretty sure this is close to it. Knowing that I could thrust my hips and give the same kind of pleasure to her that I get from my own fiance was about the hottest experience I’ve ever had.

This is a very short list of the toys I like to play with, but I’m thinking it’s a start for anybody who doesn’t play with toys who might want to start. I haven’t even gotten into nipple clamps, penis sleeves, cock rings, floggers and other such wildness. So, go, start having fun with yourself (and others). But don’t forget! Be safe. Use lube and condoms!