JGR: Black Face

I want to thank Sophie Hirschfield for bringing this terribleness to my attention.

The DList Magazine’s Fall 2013 fashion issue was released this month showcasing “Funky Fashion of Icona Pop.” Apparently their idea of “Icona Pop” is to paint a white model black and drape her in faux African tribal jewelry. There is no commentary given here. They do not appear to be trying to make some sort of social statement–other than perhaps how racist they are?


Photographer: Isaac Ruiz

You are not being cute, edgy or cool. You are exoticising black women’s bodies without even using a black woman. A white model’s body was specifically painted black in order to make a “neat” juxtaposition effect. That’s it. I won’t even get into the implications of using this woman’s body as a glorified jewelry stand.

Here’s a short list of black fashion models.

There are plenty of beautiful black models to choose from, but no, they had to deliberately go out of their way to get the effect they needed rather than hire a black model.

This is bad, and you should feel bad.

No! Bad Racist! Bad Fashion Industry! Bad!

No! Bad Racist! Bad Fashion Industry! Bad!

This is an Icona Pop I can get behind:


Editor’s Note: Don’t even get me started on the problems of shadism that models of color have to deal with.