Shethinkers 19 – Disney and Queer Theory


Uganda Passes Anti-Gay Bill

Racist Ohio Teacher Tells Student “We Do Not Need Another Black President”

Texas Treats Pregnant Woman Like an Incubator.  Literally.

Dell Sells Software that Filters LGBTQ Websites


Cities/States Fighting Chronic Homelessness

TX Judge Sets Hearing for Same-Sex Marriage case

Connecticut Requires Health Insurance Companies to Cover Gender Transition

Oklahoman Atheists Save Christmas

Boss Speech

Ash Beckham – Coming Out of Your Closet


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Stupid Sexist Song

Weezer – No One Else

(See, we make fun of bands we like too!)

That’s So Pinterest-ing!

Creamy Chicken Casserole

1 Cup of uncooked White Rice

1 10oz Can of Cream of Chicken Soup

Salt and Pepper

Paprika, Lime Juice, Cayenne (Any spices that sound delicious to you)

1 or 2 Chicken Breast(s) OR Can(s) of Chicken (If you can afford it/want it, either of these are entirely optional)

Preheat Oven: 350

1.  Place the Rice and Soup in a 13×9 Baking Dish.

2.  Fill the Soup Can with water twice, emptying the water into the baking dish.

3.  Stir the Rice, Soup, and Water until well blended.  (I usually use a fork so I can mash the soup and mix it easier.)

4.  (Optional) Cube the Chicken Breasts and add to the baking dish.


4.  (Optional) Empty Can(s) of Chicken into the baking dish.

5.  Cover baking dish with aluminum foil and place in oven for 50-60 minutes.

6.  Remove baking dish from oven and uncover.  Add salt, pepper, and any other seasonings that tickle your fancy.  Allow dish to sit for 5 minutes before serving.

You can also add your favorite veggies into this mix as well, celery is especially good because it adds some texture to the creamy casserole.  For a vegetarian option, try using Cream of Mushroom Soup instead.

You’re Doin’ It Wrong

Religion is not a mental illness

No, Really.  It’s Not.

Book Review

Non-Profit of the Week

GLAAD is awesome!  Go check them out!

Queer Theory

What is Queer Theory?  Basically, it’s a way of examining literature and media through the lens of queer studies.  It can involve “queering” storylines and characters and highlighting queer themes.  It’s similar to feminist theory and other forms of literary theory.

There’s a rich history of “hidden” queerness in movies ever since they were invented.  A good documentary (0r book) to star with is “Celluloid Closet”.

Queer Disney

Gay Star News’ 14 Gay Disney Characters

Villains Coded as Queer

One of the quickest (and laziest) ways that movies have cued audiences into a characters villainous intentions is to make them effeminate, cowardly, and vain.  In other words, by having them fulfill negative queer stereotypes.  This is not only harmful to gay men, but also to women in general.

The “Fop” or “Sissy” Trope

Villains Coded as Gay – Scar (Lion King), Jafar (Aladdin), Sher Khan (Jungle Book), Hades (Hercules), Rattigan (Great Mouse Detective), Gaston (Beauty and the Beast), Governor Ratcliffe (Pocahontas), Captain Hook (Peter Pan), Prince John (Robin Hood), Ken (Toy Story 3)

The Villain’s Wimpy Sidekick – Smee (Peter Pan), Iago (Aladdin), LeFou (Beauty and the Beast), Wiggins (Pocahontas), Fidget the Bat (Great Mouse Detective)

One of the ways that female characters are labeled as evil is by being ugly/obsessed with beauty, aggressive, vain, unafraid of sexuality, or determined to gain power.  Which are seen as negative qualities for women to have, but are often the qualities looked up to with Drag Queens.  This is why so many queer people *love* Disney Villains!

Coded as Drag Queen – Cruella Deville (101 Dalmations), Ursula (Little Mermaid), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland), Yzma (Emperor’s New Groove)

Trans Themes

Trans Themes – Little Mermaid, Pinnochio, and Mulan

Positive Examples of Queer Characters

Queer Couples – Timon and Pumbaa (Lion King), Baloo and Bagheera (Jungle Book), Francis and Slim (A Bug’s Life), Hugo and Djali (Hunchback of Notre Dame), Jumba and Pleakley (Lilo and Stitch), Lumiere and Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast)

Queer Singles – Flower (Bambi), Kuzko (Emperor’s New Groove), Terk (Tarzan), Genie (Aladdin),

And Mulan is officially bisexual.  Apparently.

And no, Merida is not a lesbian.  At least, not based on the fact that she’s 14 and doesn’t want to get married to a loser.  That’s not gay, that’s just good sense.

Non-Traditional Families

Families of Choice is a big theme in nearly every Disney movie.  So-called “traditional” familes are fairly rare in the Disney Kingdom, unless you count the inevitable marraige at the end of the movie.

Poly Families – Lion King, Snow White

Adoption – Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch, Jungle Book, Lion King, 101 Dalmations

Single Parents – Pinnochio, Cinderella, Bambi, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up, Aladdin, Pocahontas,

Same-Gender Parents – Timon and Pumbaa (Lion King), Baloo and Bagheera (Jungle Book)

Gay Day at Disneyworld!

For more awesome Queer Theory about Disney, check out Nostalgia Chick’s video!

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Shethinkers 18 – Queer Christmas

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MRA’s Being Douchebags – “Winner” this week

Congress Being Douchebags

Discrimination Against Pregnant Women

(We don’t care about Duck Dynasty.  So it’s not a troll.  Oohh, burn!)


Catholic Students Stage Sit-In After Vice Principal Fired For Being Gay – Co-Winner this Week!

Obama Skips Russian Olympics.  Sends Gay Delegates Instead. – Co-Winner this Week!

Teenager Uses “Extreme Couponing” to Stock Up Local Food Bank

Senator Warren Introduces a Bill to Stop Classist Credit Checks During Hiring Process

New Jersey Makes Gender Changes On Birth Certificates Easier for Trans Folk


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The Boss Speech

Kai Davis – “Fuck I Look Like?”

Stupid Sexist (Christmas) Song

Sexist Version of “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”

Non-Sexist Version of “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”

That’s So Pinterest-ing!

Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

OMG, gaiz!  This drink is so good.  Seriously, it’s like Butterbeer for muggles.

Pretzel Turtles Recipe

You had me at “Pretzel.”

Do You Even Science, Bro?

Gender Essentialism is dumb.  Even when it hides behind science.

Non-Profit of the Week

Doctors Without Borders is an awesome, secular, science-based medicine practicing organization that deserves your money if you’ve got some to spend.  Seriously, these guys rock!

Queer Christmas

Do you have any “Gender Specific Toy” stories from Christmas?  Share them in the comments!

Labels – And the assholes who police them.

LGBTQ, QUILTBAG, Queer Community, GSM…It’s hard to keep track of this shit.

Eliminating Biphobia and Transphobia to ensure the queer community is safe for all queer folks.  Not just L and G.

Two more states have Marriage Equality!  Suck on that, Conservatives!


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