Shethinkers 20 – Resolutions and Body Shame


Sheriff’s Court Leaves Transphobic Note On Court Documents

Chris Kluwe Fired For Supporting Marriage Equality

SC Democrats Support Mandatory Prayer in Schools Bill

Ani DiFranco Plans Retreat at Former Plantation


Glenn Beck Call’s Russia’s Homophobia “Hetero-Fascism”

Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal in Colorado

Drug-Testing of Welfare Recipients Deemed Unconstitutional in Florida

CA Supreme Court and Governor Grant Law License to Undocumented Immigrant

Boss Speech


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Stupid Sexist Song

Hit the Floor – Bullet for My Valentine

Atheist Bible Study

Proverbs and Strange Women

Do You Even Science, Bro?

Donald Trump Doesn’t Know How Global Warming, or Seasonal Weather, Works

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New Year’s Resolutions and Body Shame

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