Shethinkers 22 – Hunger Games

Troll of the Week

Virginia GOP Candidate: It’s not rape if she’s “wearing a nightie”

Boss of the Week

CeCe McDonald Released From Prison

Tonight’s Secret Word


Stupid Sexist Song

Dumpweed by Blink-182

How Do I Sex?  (New Segment!)

 Wait, there’s a female condom?

Audible Selection

Hey, did you know that Hunger Games was on Audible?  Well it is.  You should totes download it for free by clicking on this link.  Because President Snow might not be too happy with you if you don’t.  Just sayin’.

Tonight’s Non-Profit

Feeding America:  Together We Can Solve Hunger

Hunger Games


*spoiler alert!*

Plot Summary

Books vs Movies

Love Triangle

Political Revolution


Gender Norms


Most Loved and Most Hated

Popularity in Media

Comparison with other YA Books

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