Shethinkers 24 – Weird Weddings

Secret Word


Troll of the Week

OK Republicans threaten to destroy marriage rather than let gays have it

Perspectives of Marriage

Historical Timeline

No Such Thing as “Traditional” Marriage

Short History of Christian Marriage

Criticism of Marriage

Intersectionality of Poverty and Marriage

Feminist Perspective of Marriage Debate

Financial Consequences/Benefits

Over 1100 Rights and Privileges from one ceremony

Boss of the Week

Nintendo CEO Cuts Salaries of employees…from himself and upper management

Audible Commercial

Help Us Out!

Non-Profit Commercial

Marriage Equality USA!

Evolution of Weddings

Silly Traditions, that usually have sexist origins of some kind

Bitchless Bride is a wedding planner who gives reality checks about weddings on her blog and youtube channel

Showing Marriage Equality Support at your Wedding

DIY Brides and Themed Weddings

Stupid Sexist Song

Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle

You’re Welcome Hollywood!

Dallas Buyer’s Club star, Ron Woodroof, was actually bisexual?

Dori’s and Dirty’s Weddings

Sci-fi and Steampunk for the win!

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