Shethinkers 28 – Beth Presswood

Secret Word



The 17 States that have “Turn the Gays Away” Bills in the works.


DisneyWorld Cuts Ties with Boy Scouts of America Due to “18 and Out” Homophobic Policies

Abortion Rights Topics

Body Autonomy

Recent Anti-Choice Laws and Why They’re Unconstitutional

Gross Tactics of the Anti-Choice Movement

“Crisis Pregnancy Centers” Fake Reproduction Clinics

Buffer Zones and Why They Matter

Health Risk of Abortion vs. Pregnancy

Reproductive Coercion and Abuse

Safe Sex Reduces Abortion

Do You Even Science, Bro?

Immunologist Tears Anti-Vaccine Meme Apart

Stupid Sexist Song (Anti-Choice Edition!)

Lie Action News gave us a great list of anti-choice songs to choose from

Kellie Coffey’s “I Would Die For That” seemed like the worst of the bunch


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