How to Grow Your Movement

“I will admit there is a secular argument against abortion,” said Silverman. “You can’t deny that it’s there, and it’s maybe not as clean cut as school prayer, right to die, and gay marriage.”


You know what I, as an atheist activist who also happens to be a woman, love more than anything?

I love when my bodily autonomy is used as a sledgehammer to score points against religion in debates.  When I see a dudebro able to use my rights and interests to further their agenda of making fun of the Bible and making Christians feel uncomfortable, I just get the warm fuzzies. Because, finally, HERE is someone who really gets the struggle, ya know?

So, of course I understand when my rights and interests need to be sidelined in the interest of growing the movement.  I understand, conservatives are a minority in the atheist movement; these – mostly – white , male, well-off individuals need to be made to feel comfortable.  I can just imagine how they must feel going to a meet up where there are – usually – mostly a group of older white men who are a little to the left of the Republican party.  That must be so daunting – nerve racking even!

I won’t mind my community being opened up to those who would argue against my rights and interests.  I won’t mind having to wonder if atheist organizations will support me when I fight for my rights that aren’t directly related to whether or not god exists.

So yes David Silverman.  Go to CPAC.  Grow the atheist movement by reaching out to those who would alienate women and minorities the most – because we all know the minority that matters most is the one with the deepest pockets.

Don’t worry about us women though.  We’ll be sitting over here, silently, and we’ll cheer you on the next time you need to bring up how sexist the Bible is in order to demonstrate what a wonderful person you are for not wanting to stone women who have sex.


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