Shethinkers 29 – Street Harassment (with Liz Dudek!)

Secret Word



Ohio Police and Christians Stage Mock Arrests to Show How Persecuted They Aren’t


Women everywhere, because it’s International Women’s Day!

(Also, Google’s Doodle includes trans women, so that’s pretty cool too)

Street Harassment Topics

What is Street Harassment?

Top 10 Myths

The Male Gaze

Street Harassment App?

Stop Telling Women to Smile

How to Talk to Women

Schrodinger’s Rapist

You’re Welcome, Hollywood

Mary Bowser – Hardcore Abolitionist Spy

Stupid Sexist Song

“Hope” by The Descendents

(Thanks to Angela for suggesting it!)


Dori Mooneyham – Host

Dirty Nerdy – Co-host

Liz Dudek – Special Guest

Caitlin Fairchild – Facebook Admin

Intro Music: “Iron Man” by Sound Jay

Spoken Word Segment: Sonya Renee

Commercial Music:  “I Dunno” by Grapes and “Spinnin'” by Alex Beroza

Outro Music: “February (Mumblemix)” by Incoherant Mumble Train featuring Calendar Girl

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