We got shirts!

Have you ever been listening along to your favorite podcast (i.e. ours) and hear us say something hilarious and think “Gee, I really wish I had that on a shirt”?

futurama good news

We’ve set up shop over at Cafe Press!

We only have a few designs up now, but expect more to come in the following weeks!
For now we have a line of drinkware available:

We also have femme t-shirts available in three different designs: Shethinkers logo, Boycott the Boyscouts, and Support the Girlscouts

Then of course, we didn’t forget about the little ones! Show off your awesome baby with our Chill as Fuck design and our Skeptical Baby is Skeptical design!

If there is a Shethinkers phrase or design that you need that we don’t have yet, feel free to email us at secularshethinkers@gmail.com and we can make it special for you!

If you don’t want any cool merchandise from us, but you still want to support the podcast, you can donate here:
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