I made a tumblr

Recently a friend of mine on facebook had a long thread that started out about scary stories of women having cancer and not being diagnosed/treated for it until it was too late. The thread quickly morphed as every single woman involved in the discussion had a story about a doctor/parent/teacher/boss ignoring and minimizing their serious health problem – especially if it seemed remotely related to menstrual pain.

Alas, I was inspired. Send me your stories. Did your boss refuse to let you go buy tampons/pads/pain meds when your *worstpaininyourlife* period started unexpectedly? Did your doctor tell you that your pain is normal and ignore symptoms of a serious disease because s/he assumed it was period related? Were you ever forced/coerced into enduring an unnecessary test because they were *sure* your pain was related to being pregnant and/or your period because “woman in pain = pregnancy/period”?

Your name/email/identifying information will be kept anonymous unless otherwise specified. If you would like your story shared on the Secular Shethinkers podcast, please let me know when you submit your story(ies).

Go to dirtyneryd2.tumblr.com to submit your story!