Shethinkers 35 – Easter Eggs and Orgies

Secret Word



67 Louisiana Lawmakers Refuse to Lift Sodomy Laws…Even Though the Supreme Court Already Did

Bonus Troll!

The Occupy “Pepper Spray Cop” Receives $38K From University of California for “Emotional Suffering” and 8-Months Paid Leave


Laverne Cox Wins GLAAD’s Highest Honor

Bonus Boss!

GLAAD Gets RuPaul and Logo to Drop Transphobic Slurs

Easter Eggs and Orgies

Modern Christian and Jewish Celebrations

The Pagans (Who gave us eggs, beans, bunnies, and all the other fun stuff)

The Easter Bunny

Dori’s Stories of Teaching Sunday School

Myth of Ishtar – You’re Doing It Wrong

Eostre and Pascha

Chicks and Bunnies are not Starter Pets

Other fertility festivals and rituals, like the “Watering of the Girls” in Hungary

Atheist Bible Study

What Would Jesus Do? Throw a Temple Tantrum!

Stupid Sexist Song

“Layla” by Eric Clapton